What is Elvis doing in a bar in Athens today? How can the sexy neighbor next door combine with a nutcase shooting in the air at Victoria square? How can ballet merge with the fear of death? What connects belly dancing with a snail chewing on the leaf of a wild rose?

After its successful course in the Bios, Amorgos and Larissa (Ladder) the performance of Pulsar*, goes back in theater 104. Pulsar is a solo performance dealing –through speech and motion– with a woman’s attempt to bring order to the chaos that fills her mind: from everyday life management and trying to act against what’s beyond her, to a reflection of where can she place her faith, in a time where everything seems to be falling apart.

It is a delusional monologue of staggering rate, with multiple transformations. The heroine flirts simultaneously with the past, present and future, attempting to touch the impossible, hope in destruction, shed light upon the darkness of human nature. She’s desperate and funny, bizarre and glorious, furious and vulnerable. The whole human experience –hopes, stories, fears– swirling in her head as she tries to accept and beat the time.

During the performance, the audience will hear excerpts from "Amorgos" by N. Gatsos, the lifeblood which inspired the need for this peroramnce, an extract from "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Fr. Nietzsche, poems by William Carlos Williams and original texts written during the research of the editors. The performance will be in Greek with English abstracts.

*Pulsar is a star also known as the beacon of the universe, because it seems as its flashing, due to its rapid rotation at a precise rate in space. 

Concept / Interpretation: Rosa Prodromou // Directed by: John Britton // Kinesiology: Mariela Nestora // Musical Composition/Sound Design: Telemachos Mousas // Sets/Costumes: Loukia Hatzelou // Lighting: Christina Thanassoula // Make-up: Evi Zafeiropoulou // Photo Credits: Myrto Apostolidou // Assistant Lighting: Mariangela Seferian // Assistant Costume Designer: Myrto Sofiadeli // Visual Comunication: whatifdesign.gr