"Once upon a time there was a 16-year-old boy.
One day his family had been deprived of their possessions and his father had been murdered by the king of the enemy city-state, so the boy himself had to run away to save his life. He couldn’t restore the power of his family for a long time. Much of the time he was in extreme famine and for this reason, and for his savage persistence in the struggle, he acquired the name Hungry Coyote (or Fasting Coyote)‒Nezahualcoyotl. Finally he proved himself a liberal and enlightened ruler, patron of the arts and industries.
Universally recognized as the greatest poet of Ancient Mexico, he was also famed as an architect, engineer, city planner, reluctant warrior, law-giver and philosopher. He reached the conclusion that underlying all phenomena is one primal and adequate Cause, the Essence of all Existence and promoted renewal of Toltec learning, based on peaceful religion of Quetzalcoatl, at the very moment when the Aztec cult of sacrifice was coming into ascendancy

His death took place in 1472. During the escape at the age of 16 ―at the beginning of the 15th century― he wrote the "Song of the Flight".

Dancing Deadlips: vocals, composing, guitars, various instruments, artworks, mixing, mastering and production
Piotr Łapcik: guest musician, electric guitar on the title track
Félix Blume: field-recordings
Lyrics based upon the poems written by Nezahualcoyotl.

Dedicated to the memory of T.G. (25.10.1910-26.02.2003) ― adventurer, multi-instrumentalist musician.

Dancing Deadlips is a pseudonym of a Kraków, Poland, musician, painter, writer, graphic designer, Dee. The project débuted with EP Dancing Deadlips (2012) and the latest album is Song of the Flight (Feb 2014).
Other releases include the EP The Scarlet of Arrogance (2013) and track Imaginarium (2014). Dee is involved in other music projects, including: Dancing Deadlips + PotworowDancing Deadlips & VozrozhdeniyaCień and Dancing Deadlips & Simon Margreiter

“Dancing Deadlips exemplifies an instance of how concrete sounds and reverb-enriched poetry are concocted with psychedelic yet somehow ominous improvisation-based mist. It is up to stimulate the listener’s mind and provoke the thought.” ― RECENT MUSIC HEROES

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