AFTER HOURS [12:01-05:59]

AFTER HOURS [12:01-05:59]

YIANNIS KOSTAVARAS is a photographer and film composer. Chief editor in many movies, documentaries and plenty of commercials, he awarded in Film Festivals and nominated by the Hellenic Film Academy as the best film editor of the year 2013. He is, also, considered one of the Greeks new generation film editors that actually revived the art of editing. One of his special features is his unique talent to correlate rhythm and images.

Self-taught photographer with a cinematic point of view, honors and respects his each human portrait. 

His preoccupation with the photography, the last 7 years, has led him to his first exhibition AFTER HOURS with the participation of PAVLOS TSIGKAS.

AFTER HOURS [12:01-05:59]

Athens... bound to you the night workers.
While others dream, they strive to make their dreams come true.
Awakened and loud, patient but tired, obscure heroes.
A night in Athens, hearts whispering deep, hands working hard.


 This project tries to picture the circumstances and the people working on night-shifts within the hours from 12:01 a.m. to 05:59 a.m. The focus is to capture scenes of night-life in Athens from another perspective. 33 color and 16 black & white photos are selected to be presented on an exhibition which will take place at BOOZE COOPERATIVA :BaseGALLERY & :OVERVIEW-ikon in the beginning of the year 2015.

A photography exhibition it is a photo archive in a live space.

"Yiannis Kostavaras through his pictures, sets the time limits, as a film director would do in his new movie, restricting time so as to create a human portrait with reality and dignity."

"If you need to talk about the artist Yiannis Kostavaras, you mustn't restrict only on film editing which he's been serving for many years. Yiannis follows the renaissance logic of homo-universalis, knowing that rhythm, composition and flexibility are meaningless without art. Besides, montage as one of the directions of a movie is not only a stage for its completion. Yiannis is aware of this and he owns the gift to illuminate the whole from the partial. With passion and enthusiasm, he manages to inspire his partners with abundant strength in a lot of cases but also with modesty. I am privileged to co-create with him and I'll have to admit that i have found a companion in our film journeys."
― VASSILIS MAZOMENOS. Director, Writer, Producer. Member of the European and Hellenic Film Academy.

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