When it all starts from a simple act:
incorporating our thoughts.

Leave your body and revert to it, becoming aware of the marvelous impossibility to dispense of the here and now of the individual is the first insight from which we want to start/of this performance.

It is not only the discovery of the virtuous potential of the body, but rather a study of the surprisingly deep intensity and energy that springs from the particular intention of a spontaneous motion, the most fundamental expression of communication.

A bodily process of experimentation directs the spotlight towards the movements of the separate parts of the body only to reassemble them back together into an experience of how the entirety in fact takes fully part in the individual motions. Thus, the performance departs from the desire to explore the ensemble of movements, as an articulate expression of the individual segments to observe the communicative potential each of them possesses.

The corporal reflection that tears the isolated images and forms apart at the same time that it creates them, nourished by their continuous motion, is followed by the critical eye of filmmaker Eva Versus. Her lens applies a filter to the body and its profiles in an unusual and subtle study that approaches the body, almost touching the skin. This allows her to form a perspective that awakens curiosity for the reduced surfaces, the foreshortening skin, and the details of a body that aware of its lack of recognition seeks to impose its presence with an unrestrained need to get to know itself.

Choreographer, dancer and aerial dancer Anita started her artistic career as a young figure skater.
Coming from studies of classical ballet, she developed early on a strong interest for the study of movement and focused her formation on different methods of contemporary dance.
Anita participated in different courses with renown dancers like Virgilio Sieni, Alain Platel, and Emio Greco. She studied with two of Tanztheater Pina Bausch Company’s most important contemporary dancers, Cristiana Moranti and Kenji Takagi, both of whom she has continued working with ever since.

Since January 2010 Anita actively takes part in an innovative exploratory study promoted by EFESTOTEATRO. The group is engaged in a long-term project about movements, departing from three main disciplines: physical theater, organic movement/corporal expression, and aerial dance.

Anita earned her Bachelor’s degree in History of Theater and Dance from the Liberal Art College of Florence and dedicates herself professionally to aerial dance on silk since 2008. She mainly works in collaboration with other aerial artists like Elena Manni, Caterina Fort and Nicole Kehrberger. Besides, Anita holds courses and workshops both in Italy (Milan, Varese, Canazei, Florence, Empoli, Parma, amongst other) and Spain ( Pt.o de Santa Maria, Cadiz, and Seville). She played in different places like in Teatro Imacelli Certaldo (Florence), Panificadora Teatro (Cordoba), Espacio Vacio (Sevilla) and many of her other works were created for site specific contexts.
The course of research of the young dancer springs from her perceiving aerial dance as an effective tool of language and expressive movement beyond her living it as an athletic virtuosity.

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