Welcome to FiSH, a seven to eight minutes long Swedish Chinese Pole Act. Hours of improvisation with the task –do exactly what you want and have fun– is the background for the act FiSH.
The goal under the creation of FiSH was to make it playful, unique and 100% Adde. Mix that with smooth-perfect-clean controlled technique and welcome in to Adde's world of Swedish Chinese Pole Art.

Adde is a 27 years old Swedish Chinese pole artist. Newly graduated in June 2014 at Doch (University of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm, Sweden. 8 years in youth circus, 7,5 years in 3 different circus schools and 10 years on a skateboard has created who Adde is today. Body control freak that loves smooth-perfect-clean-controlled technique. Twist Master in Chinese Pole and Professional sun tanner in the summer.

Photos by David Lindström.
Cover page photo © Eos Karlsson.

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