SKYWOLF is the moniker of ALEXANDER D. KARAVASILIS, a Greek Hungarian music and video producer based in Greece.

Fraula, the track, is influenced by a vision that occurred after watching the movie “Where the wild things are". A vision of a kid running through the woods escaping reality. Experimenting on a synthesiser, trying to find a melody that would connect with the feelings left after the vision, led – out of nowhere and unintentionally – to the main melody. The rest of the track just revealed its self along the way.

Fraula the video clip is directed by Hara Stavrakaki, who has contributed to the script as well. Apart from the scripts concept, the spirit and heart of this video clip is Anastasis Karachanidis, who powerfully took the concept and translated it into movement.

"I want everyone to interpret both video and my music in their own way. That’s what art is all about, isn't it?".

— Certificate on Fine Arts, Plakas
— Attended Ba Architecture, Greenwich University
— 1 year Seminar in Computer animation and Special effects, Bradford University
— Ba video production and film studies, TVU London & NYC Athens

— Active member in NK works of art gallery

Co-organized some Hungarian painting exhibitions in Athens and Mykonos

— Founded a psychedelic garage school band named red mushrooms river, that no one knows except the band, the drummers neighbours and some friends/family.
— During his studies, he begun dj-ing (dub techno experimental) at home parties and later on at clubs in both England and Greece.
— In the late 2012, he begun producing as SKYWOLF without the boundaries of a specific music genre but highly influenced by many genres such as witch house, dark wave, pop, electronica.

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