SeQueNce TheOrY PrOjEcT  |  BAND

Sequence Theory is a music but also social politic project that attempts to inspire web visitors, through the sensitivity of music, to reconsider of the modern world. Their songs include a touch of fairy tale using childishness and innocence which are being killed everyday by regime elements and behalfs.

"Our music is sad because hundreds of children die everyday in wars or diseases and many more are being molested. Most of us dreamed to do something good for humanity when we grow up. Today we make music in order to leave out emotions that is hard to find in a world in which the fascist industries rule oppressing and abusing people globally.
We can never lose freedom of thought".

Sequence Theory Project is a non commercial band.
In the modern way of living Man humiliates every living creature in the name of money, power, authority and order.

"We resist at this directed situation with our music ideas, thoughts and actions. We attempt to have altered states of consciousness, respect to every living creature, species and plants. We fight with our own way against the power of strong policies who oppress weak people unfairly.
Social, racial discrimination and models such as Capitalism, Sexism, earth pollution, Racism violate the principle diversity of humans' and species' equality. Our music has a down tempo to uptempo-dark-romantic expression which we make with our own equipment and thoughts".


— Toyland, 2010
— The collapse of civilization, 2012

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