HUV 0-Polytope Chromatography

HUV 0-Polytope Chromatography

//H (Hue) U, V (Parametric Coordinates of NURBS surfaces) 0-Polytope (Vertex) Chromatography (from Greek chroma "color" and graphein "to write")
HUV distorts the beauty of data visualization and the efficiency of standardized color systems. Investigating the significance of color gradients in visual theory, geology and topology, this experimental color model introduces the parameter of color conduction to Color Order Systems design.
The 2013 New Digital Art Biennale presents in thirty pavilions the best forward-thinking contemporary digital artists to a worldwide audience. The Conductivity-Resistivity pavilion explores virtual user interaction in correlation to his identity as an art viewer. Initiating the dialogue through the analogy of electrical current to art, the antithesis of conduction and resistance is experienced in a WebGL designed environment. The various digital media works exhibited at the 3D museum are observed by the online visitor surrounded by a geodesic dome which visualizes the triangulation of a Platonic solid as an approximation to a sphere. The HUV 3D sculpture mesh is an approximation to the NURBS surface from which it was derived. Its color gradient transitions are produced according to the parameter of proximity measured between its comprising geometries.
The HUV color model is a metalogical study of the formalized verbal color system and the web HTML color codes, but also of the standard topological space of HSI, HSL, HSV cylindrical-coordinate representation models. HUV is a method of embracing the emergence of new information geographies, applying customizable color gradients to numerical geometric data.

HUV 0-Polytope Chromatography at the The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale curated by David Quiles Guilló from November 1st to December 31st 2013.
You can interact with the 3D model of the project in the 3D museum space hosted on the website of Conductivity-Resistivity pavilion curated by Giselle Zatony.

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