"Antigone'' by Jean Anouilh.
ANTIGONE. "My darling. I had to die, and perhaps you will not love me any more..."
FIRST GUARD. “ – love me any more."
ANTIGONE. "Perhaps you think it would have been simple to accept life – "
FIRST GUARD. " – to accept life – "
ANTIGONE. "But it was not for myself ME. And now, it’s all—so dreadful here alone. I am afraid— And I don’t even know what I’m dying for."
FIRST GUARD. Hey, take it easy! How fast do you think I can write?
ANTIGONE. Where are you?
FIRST GUARD. "— I am afraid. And I don’t —"

Stavros Gasparatos made the music for the play "Antigone'' by Jean Anouilh. "Greek" Theatre, Athens, Greece 2013.


He is a composer and digital sound artist that lives and works in Athens. He makes music for dance, theatre, cinema as well as solo works. In June of 2009 he composed the music for the opening ceremony of the New Acropolis Museum, directed by Athina Tsagari. In December of 2009 he was awarded with the “Young Artist Distinction” by the union of Greek theater and music critics.

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