Language.  Invention.  A perfect tool. Versatile and volatile.
You can. You can. You are able to.
You have.
Accent, colour, tone, depth.
Totally the same as the “…”
Totally different from the “…”
The “…”
What can’t be described in words.
Or can it?

Maybe not, if words didn’t exist. Motion, expression… everything differs.        
The body language. 

What about the stimulants… Sciences, methods, exercises, practices, potions and herbs try to align the truth. All of them are placed on a vertical axis. “This line corresponds to the human’s highest point in his or her being’s use-curve”. Pressure. Truth.

Truth. 1. The status that “something” has when it expresses the reality. 2. What agrees to what really exists or happens.

Yes. It’s different. There is no word. The language is not enough. The language draws the line. It’s the language. It always comes in a second or in a third place. The language does not exist. We do not need it. Only the body is enough and it can. It can. It is able. You can. I breathe.

On a straight line everything is simpler. Clearly. You move along the axis.
You isolate the motion of the hands and touch all your foot on the floor.
Your joints can be rotated till a whole circle.

I breathe.
Head. Head. Head.
Go on.

I breathe.

You feel the “...”.
In reality.
You are the truth.

It happens.
You can. You can. You are able to.
For one.
For two.

It’s the structure. The DNA. There are irregular straight lines. Different axes attracts us towards them. They hit us. These axes are crossed. 
I breathe.

You are leaving the axis. The long trip.
They are running. 
The points are running...
The line’s points are running!
I breathe. 

The axle. Centrifugal Force. The gravitation. Centripetal Force.
Convergence. The 0 point. The perfect circle. 

Dear passengers our system is non inertial...

On the axis again...

I breathe.