The design philosophy, strongly influenced by music and absolute geometric shapes, includes sober lines and dark shades. Experimenting with various contrasting materials, molding them in ways as to give emphasis to garment elements results in re-inventing body shapes.

"Walk the Line" has been inspired by the homonymous track. Reverses itself and motivates rather as a "line" of life, while implying the linear characteristic of the collection.

Simplicity through lighter and less absolute forms abandons complexity, while incorporating colors and linear characteristics, make geometric shapes more evident in clothes.

"Creating garments that can be redefined according to its wearer,  flatters the female figure is my basic design objective".
Designed and produced in Greece, the collections of hers can be found in selected stores.


Born and bred in Athens.

From 1995 to 1998 she studied fashion design and she worked for leading womenswear fashion brands, as garment designer and assistant production manager.

In 2005 she establishes her own garment manufacturing company and from 2010 she starts designing and producing her own collections.

In 2011 she opens her own private workshop in the heart of Athens and she creates her first collection titled “This is Just the Beginning” for autumn-winter 2012-2013, that bears her signature.

Collaborations with established designers, photographers and stylists.
Participation in various fashion events and design exhibitions with unique design.

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