"First of all, I would love to tell that it means a lot to me to talk about this piece because some weeks ago my hometown was victim of an enormous and devasting flood which destroyed everything. Now the beautiful landscape is a mess and the spot, where we filmed this performance, does not exist anymore".
(Video: Lourdes et Barèges)
— Marion Crampe

Chlorofil is a kind of adventure park in the trees, built 10 years ago. Tourists and many people from the area used to go for fun.

The owner of the place, Fanny Pomarez, wanted to celebrate the 10 years of the society with a special event. She started to think about creating something huge with different circus artists. As a small town, people don’t understand someone who is not “conventional”... as me (lol). They also had no idea about Poledancing and what I am really doing in my life.
So Fanny was one of the rare people who took time to watch my videos and got a different opinion. She sent me an email to invite me to perform and tell me how much she will be honored to help me to show and share with everyone my passion. I really felt touched and I accepted to take part of the project without thinking twice.
We started to organize the event more than 6 months before to make sure everything would be perfect. I also helped her to find and organized the different steps of the event regarding the artists and the theme.
The main idea was to use the landscape as a full stage (trees and cables...). For me, as a “fairy believer” it was logical to be a forest’s Elf.
Besides, we would like to touch and connect with the maximum of people and the park is very appreciated by kids and families.

First, the event took part on 16th of June, which is my lovely sister’s birthday. With my brother, we did organize a huge surprise for her with all her friends. I would like to give a particular attention to the videomaker, MATTHIEU PINAUD.
I was looking for someone who would be able to record my performance. Someone gave me the Matthieu’s contact. He never heard about pole dancing before. He is a Nature reporter. I exposed him my project, he accepted to come.

Performing in front of an audience means always something special. You can feel the vibes. The exchange is always different and strong. I think it is something unique and strong. I use to explain to my students: when I am on training, I always dance like thousand of people are watching me... Train “clean” and you will perform “amazing”.

Nature is a part of me as I am a part of it. A complete exchange of different energies. I feel very connected with it. It is part of my education. It was natural to build this piece full of harmony. The relation between the harmony in nature and the one in life is reflected between movement and dance. When I dance... I feel alive. 

The choice of green color is not a coincidence. Costume is one of the biggest steps of the creation process. I gave my directives to my dear brazilian designer, Alessandra Ruiz. I explained her my idea about being an elf. I bought tissue and staff and she made the magic happens. And after different tests, my costume was ready.
Thinking of colors for inspiration, because of a music choice, the kind of event or my mood... so many things make the difference.

The music used for the video is not the original one.
There are two different parts on this video: one while I’m performing for the event in the green costume and the second one in skin color outfit. For the Elf’s one, I asked my cousin to create a special piece for me. It started with some Nature noises and then Avatar’s music for coming down of the tree and the first part of the performance following by Phaeleh’s song (Dubstep version).
For the second part, (after the main event), Matthieu asked of my time to him to dance in another spot in the most simple outfit and moved just by the Nature sounds.
This was one of the most incredible experiences I ever had as connected with Nature. I remember, I was tired and cold but I felt that kind of magical feeling coming from Earth. I danced for more than 20 minutes without any rest, felt strong and free, like moved by a mystic power... so unique and incredible.

I do love to create new pieces and come out with crazy things. I found it challenging and interesting. I also love to surprise my audience. Actually, the idea came instantly after I heard about the project. I just didn’t know if I was possible to make it happens. And after lot of tests and studies (spot to jump, position of the pole, security...), we did it.
I already have some new crazy ideas in my mind, just didn’t find the right moment to accomplish them. Stay tuned.

Sharing my passion for Pole, for Nature, for Life, no matter the way, it is always about the same thing... it is about LOVE.

I see myself first as an artist. Competitions are just a part of my job.
They used to be, for a long time, one of the unique ways to have the possibility to perform and share your dance with the community in big venues. Now it is a bit different, the interest for Pole Dancing became bigger and there are much more opportunities for performances.
In my case, I’m working right now, in Berlin, as a soloist in a Pole act for the biggest Revue in Europe “Show Me” with one of the largest stages in the world, at Friedrichstad Palast.
I am always working on new ideas for future performances and also improving my style and skills.

The elements of any kind of dance are completely embodied in Pole Dancing and much more. I do believe that diversity and versatility are part of the development and creation. I always try to open my mind and my work to different kinds of body motions and different forms of art (music, cinema, fashion etc.). You can get so many ideas and getting a constant source of inspiration just from watching people.
Dance is part of my life (my mum was a dancer), I dance from the first step I took. I developed myself through dancing. But there is something special about Pole, something I never felt before. I was in a period of insecurity and confusion with myself. Poledancing made me pass through this, helped me to find myself and to understand who I am and who I wanted to be.
Today, I love the idea to feel like I am still “work in progress” and feel so joyous to understand that we are always in constant development. I do believe any kind of ways to show and share more the art of Pole dance will be amazing.

Creativity is my favorite part. First, I am always spending a lot of time on listening music and try to find something new. I do not have a specific taste. It depends about my mood or the event I have to perform for... What kind of message I want to communicate to the audience. Then I start thinking about costume, combos and dance moves to create the piece. I do really love the creation process.

— Soloist at Friedrichstad Palast
— Pole Idol 2013
— Bad Kitty Brand Ambassador
— French National Champion 2012/2013
— Second runner up at II World Cup
— Fans favorite pole dance live video of the year

Born in 1983 in Lourdes, France, Marion started her career at a young age with classic ballet & ballet jazz. Later she discovered street jazz and hip hop. The year 2006 was a revelation for her since she took her first pole dance class. She felt in love instantly with this art. In 2009, she entered the first French Pole Dance Competition where she won the third place and sponsor choice. In the 2010 French Pole Championship, she won the first runner place. In September 2010, she was selected to perform in the showcase of POLE ART Competition in STOCKHOLM. Since October 2010, she is the leading teacher at MILAN POLE DANCE STUDIO contributing to pole dance expansion in ITALIA and in the World.
Marion is now working on her acrobatic skills with hoop. Her pole style is a mix of dance, contortion and emotion. She is an active member of the French Pole Dance Team, a group of the best French pole dancers. She is the French National Champion 2012 and took the 3rd place in Rio for the II Wolrd Cup 2012. She is actually soloist in a pole act of the new show "Show Me" at Friedrichstad Palast in Germany.

The dream begins to take shape when we start to believe it really.
Avec passion

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Photo: ©Matab