The SaLtaTor Physical Dance Group, presented their trilogy Nature Exists Near, in the theater of the Fine Arts School of Athens, during the 12th Greek Choreographers Festival.

Dancers Yiannis Karounis and Nicole Koimtzi performed two solo choreographies and a duet which attempted to protagonist in three different worlds: the subconscious happiness (nATURE), the conscious misery (eXISTS) and the conscious happiness (nEAR).

Project I: nATURE
The relationship between man and nature.
During past times, it was commonly believed by many societies that nature is an unchanged reality that determines the human life. Because of nature’s unsurpassed excellence, human beings were obliged to adapt in nature, instead of making nature adapt to their own needs. During the 20th century though, men increased their hostility against nature, trying to reveal her secrets, take advantage of her raw materials and try to tame even her most dangerous outbursts.
Humans pay the price of being arrogant and wanting to rule not just this planet, but the whole universe.

Choreography-performance: Yiannis Karounis  |  Original Music Composition: Nikos Pentavrides  |  Duration: 19΄
Nature was presented in April 2013, at Ebros Theater, as part of the "Work in Progress Dance Project".

Project II: eXISTS (work in Progress)
I took off for an unknown and undefined path, having my existence as an only proof... on top of this piece of time that I chose to live. I have nothing more than a mood to balance on the rope that  connects existence and creativity.

Choreography: SaLtaTor  |  Performer: Nicole Koimtzi  |  Original Music Composition: Nikos Pentavrides  |  Duration: 8΄

Project III: nEAR
People are half.  –Halftone
Trying to find their other half in order to be complete. Lusting over the need to return to our original, natural state by uniting the two halves and making one unit. Being whole.

Choreography: SaLtaTor  |  Performers: Yiannis Karounis, Nicole Koimtzi  |  Original Music composition: Nikos Pentavrides  |  Duration: 17΄
The "Near" duet was presented in La Caldera Festival (Spain) and in Hydra Festival (Greece) during Summer 2012.

SaLtaTor Dance company chooses the art of dance as a means of expression. Its basis is the need for coexistence shared by people who have movement as their common code of communication. This kind of movement is not for "dancers" but for people that want to dance. Dance is for us a means of projecting and exposing emotions, through which the body is lead on a journey. The purpose of this action is the journey itself.

The music we use consists of original compositions that are created by musicians at the same time as the choreography. In most cases and when this is technically possible, the music for the performance is played live on stage.

SaLtaTor Dance Company belongs to the not for profit company Team Progressive which only runs projects related to dance. We organize Athens Video Dance Project, an international, annual festival with video dance screenings, performances and films about dance, and we have created, a website where we post performances, classes, seminars, auditions, classifieds and generally everything related to the art of dance.

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