A mother-Woman in the verge of dialysis, fear, craziness. In the verge of freedom.
Duration: 17 min

Director/Screenwriter/Editor: Yiorgos Efthimiou
Director of Photography: Elena Margaritidi
Cast: Tatiana Pitta, Maria-Antouaneta Tatsi, Manos Triantafillakis
Sound Crew: Sofia Koubli, Kyriakos Poukamisas
Music: Sofia Koubli, Stelios Davaris

During the whole process of making the film, this matter concerned me very much: Miserable people without misery. Or at least without having obvious reasons for being miserable. The main character in the movie is female. Although the sex did not concern me, I believe that the female and potentially fertile side of the world paralyzes in front of a state of misery. Consequently, I wanted to bring into direct conflict the abstractedly female nature with the real world which seems incapable of acting positively and constructively towards it.

Of course, influenced by the cinematographic perception of the spectator and the spectacle, I believe that our view of the world is being formed more by our vision of it, by our reflexion on things, and our idiosyncratic additions which we convey to it, than by its own objective image. In this way, both our dead ends as well as our inability to manipulate our freedom or our misery –as mentioned– seems a lot of times an integral part of us. Sometimes, our biggest problems are fabrications. However, in the Terrori di Imaginacion more than a philosophical conversation about our relationship with the world, I was interested in making a disordered portrait of a sensitive person. A portrait open to different interpretations, an open landscape so as everyone will be able to find (or not) familiar references from within it. References which will give the freedom, or the boost if you prefer, to the viewer to write his own movie.

On closing, it took me by surprise that throughout the creation of the movie I realized that my world outlook, concerning specific topics, was deeply influenced by movies I have seen. By movies I have been connected with. This was something that filled me with optimism about the catalytic impact of the cinema and art on us. Therefore, intentionally or unintentionally, Terrori di Imaginacion came into contact with movies such as Repulsion, Euridice BA2037, as well as with Antonioni’s trilogy of alienation of the female soul. Sometimes it even came close to the more menacing Cache, Funny Games, Lost Highway, Persona concerning the violence of fear.

He was born in Athens in 1988. He has directed two short films. Also, he has participated in film productions as assistant director, executive producer and editor until 2009. Moreover, he writes in magazines of Arts and Cinema.

“pianno” (2011)
Terrori di Imaginacion (2012)