"My family has a long standing tradition of more than thirty years in handmade shoe making.
As a second generation shoe maker, I am professionally active for a decade.
The knowledge and experience acquired during these years, together with my passion,
allow me to provide my customers with custom made men's shoes".
Konstantinos Theofanides

The manufacture of a handmade shoe requires a careful approach, starting from the stage of the order.
— We measure the size of the customer's foot.
— The customer selects the form (shoetree) of his choice.
— The customer selects the design either through a set of existing available choices or we design the shoe according to his needs.
— Having finalized the above, it's time to choose the leather that will be used for manufacturing the shoes. There is a wide variety of choices, ranging from calf or goat leather to exotic leather or even other kinds of materials, besides leather.
— Finally, the customer has the opportunity to select the way, in which his shoes will be manufactured among three different techniques for handmade shoes making.

Having finalized the above, we then move to creation process.

Through the several stages of the manufacturing process, the basics are highlighted hereafter:
— Leather cutting. We carefully select the highest quality parts of the leather, in a way that only experienced shoe makers are able to do, so as to achieve the best possible result.
— Sewing. Having been cut, the parts of the leather are put together with a sewing machine. Great attention to the details is being paid, reflecting the quality of handmade shoe making
— Lasting. The shoemaker will give shape to what will soon be called a shoe. Despite the leather's resistance, the experienced craftsman will shape the shoe using a hammer and fire.
— What still needs to be done is the sole. Depending on the selected material (leather or synthetic), the sole is first glued and then sewed, either handmade or with the use of a specialized machinery.

During the above and also during all the intermediate stages we show great care and respect, in order to be able to produce and offer to our client a custom, handmade shoe.

"Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of intelligent effort".

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