Travel through time and space. Let yourself be taken on a trip through musical landscapes and spaces you have never entered. Let the magical voice and sound take you away through the magnificent path of True Art and the extraordinary Space of musical waves.

Vivianna Giannaki and Tejo Bolten offered themselves the opportunity to live the amazing experience of being Reborn every time they climb the stage to create each performance and to enter the circle of endless Love and Life. Time is no limit, so this is an invitation to flow together through music, light, colors and beauty into the universal space.

How this journey opened its wings under the name of "SOUL" (their previous project).

Soprano Vivianna Giannaki and Tejo Bolten (Mecano) created a show that travels you, through time and space, from past to present, through the road of a cosmic time travel. You will listen to songs, from the Greek, Cypriot, Celtic tradition and the Contemporary music world. (Compositions of M. Chadjidakis, T. Bolten, A. Ioannides a.s.o).

Songs about love, life and deep emotions, combined with a beautiful landscape of musical sounds. Each one of us will travel with the speed of light to higher levels where the mind is in peace and reaches a totally different state of reality. The essence of the performance, is to take you away from the rushing daily life and offer you beautiful moments, reminding you of all the exciting experiences that human soul has recollected.

Reborn musical explained is:
A cappella. Together with a group.
A cappella means solo Vivianna's voice on stage. Together with a group means that Vivianna sings with musicians on stage.

The music that accompanies the voice, is made out of musical backgrounds from tapes together with musical instruments. These instruments can be synthesizer, piano, rhythmic instruments etc.

Reborn (the show) has to be performed on a stage. A stage that has the possibilities to give space for a performance of singers, dancers and musicians.

What is needed:
– a PA and monitor system to amplify the voice and instruments. Microphones, di boxes, reverb effects and mix table. A sound-monitor mixer
– 2 stage beamers. Visuals are made to visualize the power of the show. They are projected on a screen in the back and sometimes in the front on a transparent screen to support the songs in the Reborn.
– Connection to a laptop or dvd player.
– White screen at the back.
– Transparent screen at the front.
– Back-line. 1 bass-amplifier, 1 keyboard amplifier (8 channel mixer connected to monitor and Pa system, 2 dvd players with a connection to the beamers and a small channel mixer).
– Lights. Spotlights and stage lights.
– Dressing room


Duration of the show: 90 minutes approximately.


The Greek-Cypriot Soprano obtained her Diploma in Opera studies from the National Conservatory of Athens with the First Prize and Honorable Mention and her Certificate in Opera studies from the Greek Laboratory for Operatic studies (Dir: S. Evanghelatos), with EEC Scholarship. Followed master classes with: G. Dimitrova, F. Corelli, M. Lilova, I. Cotrubas, F. Voutsinos, L. Alva-K. Paskalis (with EEC scholarship).
Finalist at the competition of the Opera National de Paris, Bastille CFL (1997).
Won the International Opera Competition GIUSEPPE DI STEFANO (2000), Sicily.
Won with Honourable Mention the 8th European Opera Competition GIUSEPPE E STANISLAO GIACOMANTONIO (2000), Reggio Calabria.
Won a sponsorship from the A.S. ONASSIS FOUNDATION for master classes and repertoire studies with N. Denize, Y. Sotin, R. Ketelsson and J. Reiss (Paris-France).

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Photos by Giorgio Boulasidis.
Final photo by Genevieve Majari.