I have the sea!
She’s going away...
Only the winter is what she takes.
Embracing the water as I swim. Like summer.
Sun and Earth.
The balance which created the islands.
Blue Purple Aegean,
Red Knossos
Green breath,
Beige, yellow...

Out again.
The music of dawn in a fun fair...
Out again.
I’m like the tide.
With hands wide open
Tide and ebb.

Tide is the natural phenomenon of rise and fall of sea level which occurs occasionally. The rise is called spring tide, the fall is called ebb. Spring tide and ebb together, form the tide phenomenon. This happens because of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.

The way our body moves, this unique flow of energy of each person, along with the dynamic that occurs with clothing, is the basic thought of structure for Ioanna Kourbela. Her collections reveal different sides of minimal aesthetics, return to the harmony and charm of classics, and insist on the essentials.

Natural raw materials are a core starting point: wool, linen, cotton, silk. Together they bound, juxtapose, and evolve inspiration. Baggy see-through dresses combined with the intricate weavings of a woolen shawl. Comfortable pants accompany the geometrical growths of a coat. Embossed yarns highlight the tension of a cardigan, loosely placed on the shoulders. The versatility of the designs enables multiple combinations and a plethora of stylistic choices that can range according on how you feel at the moment. Color variety and tension, resembling the dynamic of the Greek light.

Bossa Nova – Knossos Red
Amaretto (Black sugar) – Warm, neutral beige hue
Southing Sea – Fresh and clean fluo green
Dazzling Blue – Double sided blue with a hint of purple
Mellow Yellow – Summer Yellow

Ingenious patrons with folds form these intelligently casual collections. Clothes that can comfortably host the body. Experimenting with details, using light reflections and alternative textures, is the final combination, tending to create intense feelings.

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