The acrobatic-dance classes of Anna Omiridi integrate creative dance and acrobatics. Physical and mental expression along with emotional ecstasy develop strength, balance, and confidence.

Acrodance is a combination of acrobatics and creative dance. It is an alternative way of exercising your body and spirit. It aims to unfold free and natural psychosomatic expressions. Through Acrodance and creative thinking, psychosomatic growth is achieved.

Movement and exercise, as creative expressions, hold a significant role in human lives and help in structuring positive self-awareness and knowledge of oneself. Strengthening your body and building your muscles will allow you to experience mental uplift.

Both teaching and learning Acrodance is what you would call a playful process. Good body warm up, followed by the acrobatics and creativity part, wrapping it up with a dose of recovery and relaxation.

Acrodance embraces both men and women regardless of their age, weight, physical fitness or experience in any previous physical activity.

It targets at people wishing to exercise in alternative ways, have fun and relax. People who wish to reduce stress in their daily lives.

Acrodance attracts all sorts of artists that are constantly looking for inspiration and development of imagination through both original and primitive means of expression.

Remember that your body is strong. Given a proper guidance, you can do things beyond imagination.

Through Acrodance you can develop strength, balance, flexibility, agility and mobility. Kinesthesia and neuromuscular connections are developed too. It helps to eliminate anxiety, fears and negative emotions. Likewise, Acrodance boosts confidence, self-esteem and increases self-control.

Acrodance contributes to the development of imagination while strengthening both your body and spirit.

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Photos by CHRIS AK.