Creating images and sharing it. Thoughts, fears, and hopes. A way of expression.

Being open-minded and creative is both a small and large goal. Concentration. Music. Many times that I found myself inspired by music.

Inspiration comes when looking at things such as composition, special colors palette, stories, ideas, hidden meanings and interviews like this one. Various types of photographs and there are many great artists to look at so many to name, but they do amazing work.

Making images having a picture in my mind. You may shoot something more interesting and change your originals plans because you end up on a huge journey of photos. But this is the journey. The magical path beyond.

There are many limitations and weaknesses for many of us. You could try it at least and end up succeeding in your hopes and aspirations.

You don’t really know when success comes, but when it does come you have a drastic change. a strange sky with beautiful light and a lot of people staring at it in fascination. That's a stab at the thought.

I’m still searching my dream shot.

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