Flamenco goes further than a musical style. Flamenco has its own language, tradition and its own social status. It’s a live art, a way of life, a way to perceive and realize the being. Flamenco regarding Spain, and especially Andalusia, is a widely important experience that is considered part of Unesco’s incorporeal cultural heritage.

It is believed to be a masterpiece of the oral and immaterial heritage of humanity. (Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.)

«Dance is a journey of thinking. Dance brings the birds’ flying against human’s gravity what is fatally linked to reality, said Nitse. Dance is what stays till the “last ash”, as Federico Garcia Lorca refers. Dance gives wings to the body and the spirit. Dance brings us closely to angels.»

She is often used to attending seminars of artists, who occasionally perform in Athens, as, for instance, Jeromo Segura –the Ballet Eva Yerbabuena’s main interpreter- whose course she has been attending till today. She also writes flamenco songs and cooperates with remarkable musicians in Greece and worldwide.

She collaborates with various flamenco dance groups. In addition, she participates in concerts and performances taken place all around Greece. She teaches technique and flamenco song and, recently, she has founded Radio España with whom she has launched the program: “A-morerias / Α flamenco-latin project”.

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