A new performance presented at Sadler's Wells during the 10th anniversary of Flamenco Festival London.

To what extent can we declare the authorship of our creation? Is it completely ours? Where do the artists who have influenced us, the art forms in which we were educated, or our cultural inheritances fit into the equation – do they not deserve credit?

Inspired by a very well-known guitar piece of the Spanish tradition by Romance Anonimo and an interview by Narciso Yepes declaring its copyright, this solo talks about the process of the artist determining identity.

Driven by a need we cannot always explain, we develop a strong connection to traditional art forms that do not belong to our culture. In this case we have to not only practice the technique of the form, but to absorb its style, which is the most difficult part for a "stranger," not raised inside the tradition. During this process we mimic our teachers and the artists that we admire hoping that after a while the information becomes our own.

Sometimes for the "strangers," questions arise: should we also let all her other influences and information blend with the new form? Could all these potentially controversial elements be combined? How far away can we go without losing reference to one form or the other? And should we doubt or should we just let ourselves reveal all of our influences to create something that is as much our own as it is others?

As a flamenco dancer from Greece with a dance education shared equally between classical, contemporary, and flamenco dance, Yiota Peklari deals with these questions.

Artists such as Pina Bausch, Martha Graham, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Israel Galván, Belen Maya and Rafaela Carrasco are just some of her influences.


Dance education began at age five, by the time she was a teenager she was accepted to the State School of Dance's preparatory department, in 1991 she graduated from the professional School of Dance Rallou Manou, and by 1993 she was teaching ballet and contemporary at established dance schools in Greece.

Beginning in 1995, she studied flamenco under Natasa Deka for six years and later took masterclasses and workshops in Spain & Greece with: Rafaela Cararsco, Belen Maya, Israel Galván, Mercedes Ruiz, Andrea Peña, Eva Yerbabuena, Isabel Bayon, Antonio Ruiz, Juana Amaya, Pastora Galvan, Javier Lattore, Rocio Molina, Leonor Leal, Olga Pericet, Concha Jareno, and many more.

1998 through 2008 had Yiota dancing and choreographing as a member of the flamenco dance group "Ronda al Alba". Following that, she was directing and producing her own projects: Nana (2008), Viva Sevilla (2009), Zaguan (2010), AQUI (2011), AQUI version 0.7 (2012).

In these years, Yiota also participated in and performed at important festivals and venues in Greece and abroad, including the: Greek Festival, Dance Festival of the Association of Greek Choreographers, Youth Festival, Diaroes, International Festival of Patras, International Festival CROUSSIS, Festival Virona, Tapmotif, Benaki Museum, Athens Concert Hall, International Body Music Festival, Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo and she choreographed theatrical performances in Athens.

She was one of the founding members and was the artistic director of the Dance school "Estrella" from 2001-2008. In 2009 she co-founded the artistic venue, PLAYGROUND, in the center of Athens. In this role, she has the pleasure to invite many of the renowned flamenco artists she studied with to teach workshops in Athens.

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