THE POL|NES® is an ongoing curation of | AR T | and its fields from Greece. The idea derived from our devotion on PER FORM ANCE | on | space and our passion to see our | AE REAL | world aesthetically bright.

Established in 2012, we are a creative collective based in Athens, Greece. Completely Unknown in a PER FORM ANCE SP ACE. What we have in common is the creative score. The same score performs in a mixed media environment. Through THE POL|NES®, we perform that situation determined contemporary.

A sequence of acts | EPITELE SIS | which encounter the art of performance in various manners: video, motion/stillness, somatic installations, music, public performance in combination with whatever is held by the space. Means though which expresses a reflection through an act exploring communication with a wider audience. We hope that our various | PRO JECTS | will actually create something positive for people, society and the environment and eventually there will be a reward attached.

Through the site we combine researches, inspiration, collaborations and communication. Each tab is a part of the accomplishment. THE POL|NES® site neither carries advertising nor accepts any financial income for its content or coverage. Sticking to this principal we create something genuinely interesting, useful and desirable that will generate funding in the future.